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Self-Care Journal: for Women of Color


I AM A LEADER!: Boss Babe Manifestation Journal


Math Activity Book: for Kids K-3


Highly Motivated: Cannabis Growers' Journal


Gratitude Journal, Monthly Planner, Project Management, Savings Tracker, Career Planner, Password Saver, & Sketchbook. Easy to carry, and PERFECT GIFT for Ambitious MillennialsSpace allotted for 8 yearly projects, broken down into quarters.

This book contains over 50 beautiful illustrations of African-American Women and GirlsAffirmations, and Mandalas. Various hairstyles, outfits and different culture aspects are visually showcased in this book. Not only will it help you relax, reduce stress but it will take your imaginations to new heights and spark your creativity brilliantly. 
This crypto trading journal is designed to help improve your trading by tracking things like trade fundamentals and reasoningmental statemarket conditions and more. 
  Begin your day with a moment of mindfulness, self-care, daily affirmation practice, goal setting, gratitude, and emotional tracking. Reflect on how far you've come and how important taking time for yourself truly is.
Coloring Book for Solarized Children: Sports & Space Focused - Afrofuturism 
  Over 50 pages of active black boy and girl joy emphasized with a strong sense of galactic discovery.
PERFECT for Your future ScientistsAstronomersAthletes, and Explorers!
Homeschoolers love this content, and it would serve well to empower all beautiful brown babies.
A complete end-of-life planner that contains everything those you left behind need to know and do after you’re gone.
All your vital information, accounts, documents, and more, in one place, to make it easy for your loved one to access.
It is also an opportunity to express any last wishes and deepest apologies.
     Draw your own Comics with this Blank Comic Book. This Blank Comic book has: 121 pages of Variety of panel action layout templates ranging from 1 - 9 panel layouts.