Felony to Freedom: Book Bonus

In February 2012, Desiree was your typical graduate student when on a late night road trip to Chicago, her life changed forever. Things were going as planned until the adventure ended with her being detained by the DEA, separated from her young son, and faced with a sentence of spending the next decade behind bars. As a young mother, her family’s lives were instantly turned upside down.

One decision cost her everything she thought was important. As fate would have it, she was dealt a second chance and after that day she knew she had to dig deeper to find the situation’s significance. The years that followed would lead her on a journey of self-discovery, through rabbit-holes of societal injustice, and into a new reality that she could have never imagined existing while still living a “normal life''. Soon she would learn that she was never free, and that the only liberation could be found within.

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