5 Signs You're Stepping Into Your Power!

5 Signs You're Stepping Into Your Power!

Your presence here speaks to the fact that you are ascending to new heights in your mental and spiritual journey.  The following are five signs that you are truly stepping into your personal power and claiming the life you deserve:

1. You are No Longer Comparing yourself to others.

We now live in a global society where social media keeps us fully-immersed in the lives of others, on a continual basis.  It becomes hard not to consume the images presented and view them in contrast to our own realities.  When we begin to find ourselves focused more on creating the lives we desire, we have little to no time left for critiquing (or comparing ourselves to) others. Happiness and fulfillment can only be discovered within. The process of uncovering our personal power IS the Journey To Success.  Just as the redwood seed inherently contains all of the genetic data required to become the largest living thing on earth, so too do we.  We are all mighty seeds, and digging deep within ourselves is the only way to strike the living waters necessary for germination.  I hope somebody hears me!

2. You understand the importance of Boundaries

When we begin to respect ourselves, we realize that our time, resources, and energy must also be respected.  We understand our importance and no longer “cast our pearls before swine.”  Boundaries call for respect, and not everyone will like that.  Not everyone is going to like you either, and that is perfectly fine.  Respect doesn’t requires ‘likes’ and cannot be demanded, but rather commanded.  Set boundaries for your relationships (interpersonal or professional), respect the boundaries of others, and realize when a boundary (which limits you unnecessarily) must be broken.

Click above to watch Sarah Jakes Roberts deliver a powerful message on #boundaries. I love that sista!

3. You place more confidence in yourself than ANYONE else.

Who remembers their childhood heroes?  Those people who, in our eyes, could do no wrong… Now, back to reality!  We are the heroes of our own stories, the authors of our own tales, and the painters of our own tapestries. Long gone are the times of externalizing our confidence to other mortal beings.  When we externalize our faith, we diminish what is left for ourselves.  We become slaves to their approval, and are willingly surrendering our individual sovereignty.  When you are prepared to step into your power, Your Confidence Is YOURS, for keeps... :)

4. You are able to embrace #Truth, regardless of its source.

Truth can be found in a rock, in a stream, in a YouTube video, and even from an enemy.  A former teacher once taught me, “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”  Now, while I no longer subscribe to many of his teachings, this one really stuck with me.  Truth can be found ANYWHERE.  It becomes our duty to carefully dissect messages to filter the truth from the agenda.  While this may seem tedious, anyone stepping into their personal power must understand that every moment in life holds a lesson.  It is our job to learn said lesson, or continue to repeat the course.  Take in the messages, listen critically, find the facts, and if it doesn’t apply… let it fly!

5. You know when to let go of outworn patterns, relationships, and circumstances.

This may be the most difficult step for anyone beginning to own their personal power.  It requires the breaking of hindering habits, parasitic partnerships, purposeless plans, and the lot.  We must know our worth and innerstand that sometimes we have already given situations everything that we can.  Sometimes they may still be expecting more, because a precedent of continuous giving is what we have established.  When we start loving ourselves more, we internally increase the value our contributions and stop selling ourselves cheaply.  We invest ourselves responsibly.  Not everyone can honor, accept, and appreciate this.  That is why, in many cases, stepping into your power requires you to LET GO…


Peace Kwēns & Kings!

- dezi speaks

(Roadschooling Mama of the Revolutionary Travel Family & Creator of YBHOnline.com)




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