RTF Ai Article #1. Can you guess the prompt?

Humanity is more reflective than most animals, and has a high level of consciousness - that does not mean it always uses its above-average brain. In fact many humans are often stupid, ignorant or just plain wrong in what they think about their lives. Even those who do manage to live intelligently suffer from the same problems as other animals: they cannot be sure of everything around them; inevitably there will be some things which are beyond their knowledge.
Whether it is a human or an animal, the body of that creature will be similar to any other in its species. That is not unique among living things - but this does have implications for all humans and animals. It means we cannot do anything which our bodies are incapable of doing.
So what are humans capable of? They can think, feel, and dream. But it is not just the ability to think which makes a human being unique; animals do that as well. Humans are special because they have an above-average intelligence for their species - or at least some individuals in each species seem to. Humans also have more complex emotions than many other animals.
Many humans are capable of using their imagination to create many things which they never thought would exist - the internet is an example. But it seems that as humanity becomes more intelligent, it also loses some of its ability to use its own brain; most humans rely on computers for information, and technology in general. Technology makes life easier for people who cannot think clearly enough.
The problem is that humans are becoming too reliant on technology; they have forgotten how to think for themselves, and rely almost entirely on machines. That will always be a problem for humanity.
Humans also have fears, just like many other animals. They are not the only species to be scared of things; animals do that too. But humans seem to fear more things than most other living beings, and they will go a long way out of their way to avoid anything which frightens them.