Ai - Entry 3: Change Making

We should not think of change as something that happens to us, but rather as a choice we make. Change is an action. What we call 'change' are really the actions or decisions that individuals take in their lives.
When we think of change, we often think about big events in our lives that happen to us. We don't like these changes and they make us feel bad. These big 'changes' are the focus of most articles written on change.
But, I think the majority of change in our lives - and this is especially true as we get older - are choices we make. We choose to be different from who we were yesterday.
For example, I am a different person now than I was five years ago. The choices that created my life today are the result of many decisions made in the past. In fact most of these decisions were small and easy to make.
When we focus on the small decisions, it's easier to make them. Because they are small and easy, there is no anxiety about making a decision that might be wrong. There is also less regret when we don't like the change.
I think the focus on big 'change' is also why it's hard to build a business or make money. Big change looks risky and frightening.